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Dr. L. Popa & associates are pioneering the future of dental care by integrating functional medicine with functional dentistry. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that oral health is a critical part of overall systemic health. We see the mouth as a clear window to the body's internal condition, offering insights into deeper health issues. Our role goes beyond traditional dentistry; we focus on evaluating, diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases, recognizing their significant impact on the body's overall wellbeing.


Nestled in a serene and picturesque neighborhood, Dundarave Dental offers a unique and calming experience. Our practice is designed to harness the healing power of nature, providing our patients with spectacular ocean views and mesmerizing sunsets. Additionally, our office is enhanced with a variety of indoor plants, providing a serene and natural environment for a peaceful and enjoyable visit.. At Dundarave Dental, we ensure our patients are comfortable and at ease while we expertly attend to their dental needs, embodying the essence of modern, holistic dental care.


Dr. Lila Popa

Dr. Gabor Balogh

Dr. L. Popa stands at the forefront of dental innovation, having achieved the prestigious status of being a certified functional medicine practitioner. This accomplishment exemplifies her dedication to a holistic approach in healthcare. Functional medicine, a practice that addresses the underlying causes of disease by considering an individual's environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors, aligns seamlessly with functional dentistry. In her practice, Dr. Popa integrates these principles, revolutionizing the way dental health is perceived and treated. Her commitment to viewing oral health as a critical component of overall well-being distinguishes her as a leader in reshaping the future of dentistry.

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Dentistry has been part of the family for several generations. His father practiced until he was 85, he was also a physician. An uncle in Switzerland, a cousin and second cousin both are dentists. Another Uncle in Europe runs a lab. A nephew is a lab technician and a brother has a practice in Burnaby. His oldest son is in school pursuing a career in Dentistry.


Dr. Gabor Balogh obtained an Honors BSc in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario and a DDS in 1985. He finished The Misch Implant Institute in 1993 performing all phases of implant dentistry since 1992. He is also a founding member and past president of the Vancouver Oral Implantology Surgical Seminars.

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Dr. Alan Keil

Dr. Keil has a German background and has adopted the quality and efficiency that epitomizes "Made in Germany". He stands behind all his work.

Dr. Keil studied general sciences at the University of Guelph, received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Ontario and received a Master's in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and a Teacher's Certificate from Simon Fraser University. His love of learning has fostered his practice of dentistry. Dr. Keil has taken numerous advanced courses in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.


Dr. Alan Keil has been a team member of the Dundarave Dental Clinic staff for 25+ years. He brings  years of experience as a dentist with expertise in orthodontics (both braces and invisible tooth straightening systems).

Dr. Alberto Ferrante


We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Alberto Ferrante to our dental practice community. Born in Italy and bringing a touch of Mediterranean charm to our team, Dr. Ferrante honed his expertise at the University of British Columbia, where he graduated with distinction. With a passion for endodontics and a commitment to patient care, Dr. Ferrante brings both skill and warmth to our practice. We are confident that his expertise, coupled with his genuine approach to care, will make your dental experience both comfortable and reassuring.


Beyond his professional acumen, Dr. Ferrante is an avid outdoorsman. In his spare time, he finds solace and adventure in hiking and horseback riding, exploring the natural beauty that our region has to offer. A lover of all animals, Dr. Ferrante's compassion extends to every living creature.


Danielle Mackie.jpg

Danielle Mackie
Registered Dental Hygienist

Danielle has served as a hygienist at Dundarave Dental for more than two decades. She's truly exceptional and has a wealth of information on oral health, disease prevention, and promoting a healthy mouth. In her free time Danielle enjoys cycling, cross country skiing, yoga, weight training, hiking , traveling and painting with oil on large canvases. She has four adorable grandchildren, a terrific husband and two very cute dogs!

Sara Davis
Certified Dental Assistant

Sara grew up in West Vancouver. She graduated from the Certified dental assisting program at Vancouver Community College in 2015. She has enjoyed working at Dundarave Dental since September 2022. She looks forward to years to come! Sara enjoys time with her two cats and has an active lifestyle. 

Sara Davis.jpg

Dana Ploias
Certified Dental assistant

Dana has been a Certified Dental Assistant for 25 years now, over 20 of those at Dundarave Dental! You will find Dana working alongside Daneille in our hygiene department. She is generally pretty quiet, friendly and supportive. Dana loves the beauty of nature, enjoys walking and hiking the many trails of Bowen Island, where she lives. Reading is also a big part of her life and she is an avid cook!

Alex Balogh

Alex, who completed his dentistry studies at Jagiellonian University in Poland, is presently working towards obtaining his Canadian dental license. While navigating through the licensing process, he generously offers his assistance at the clinic during his available hours between exams. When not studying or helping out, Alex is passionate about playing hockey, golf, and enjoying outdoor activities. He aspires to explore the globe, with a mission to deliver dental care to those in need through charitable work.

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Carla Sill.jpg

Carla Sill
Dental Receptionist and treatment coordinator

Carla, a native Vancouverite, has always been passionate about dentistry and helping people. Her career in dentistry began at a trauma clinic in Vancouver's east side, sparking a journey that allowed her to explore the diverse aspects of the field. This exploration has taken her across the lower mainland to as far as Haida Gwaii. With nearly two decades of experience in dentistry, Carla has had the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Currently, she works with Dr. Popa, where she feels she has truly found her dental home. Outside of her professional life, Carla enjoys immersing herself in the writings of Stewart McLean or watching films by Wes Anderson. She believes in the power of a smile as the best accessory one can wear.

Shahnaz Registered
Dental Hygienist

Shahnaz is one of the dedicated dental hygienists at Dundarave Dental. She completed her dental hygiene education in 2020 and has since been passionate about assisting her patients in achieving brighter smiles. Known for her ability to make patients feel comfortable and welcome, Shahnaz takes great pride in enhancing each patient's dental visit experience.

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